Those numbers – 35719 – are written on a sticker on one of the suitcases I got from the storage unit. I don’t remember seeing the sticker before, but perhaps a decade ago when I packed everything away it stuck in my subconscious somehow.

I still don’t know the significance of the numbers, or why they appear in my dreams. I don’t know what/who the woman’s voice is, but I continue to research.

On the face of it, the woman speaking sounds robotic, like a numbers station. I will update as I find out more.

I haven’t been sleeping well recently.

I’ve been having strange, vivid dreams, often waking drenched in sweat. Not scared, necessarily, but confused – disconnected, you could say. Like I’d just travelled back from a long journey.

A five-number sequence seems to be the recurring theme in these dreams, injected into dialogue, heard on tannoys and snippets of TV static.

I’ve been trying to get back up to speed, re-reading the posts on this website. I don’t remember writing them. I can’t remember how much of it, if anything, is true and how much is fiction. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It was a long time ago.

35719. It could be a combination to a lock, or a safe. I’m not great at cyphers and codes. CEGAI is just as abstract as the numeric equivalent. Guessing the acronym would be futile without any context.

So it just keeps circling my mind. My wife says I’ve been mumbling it in my sleep some nights.

I got one of the Glass suitcases out of the loft again. I haven’t opened it.