Cold War Resorts

GLASS released the single Cold War Resorts on the 11th March 2022. It was released on their own label “Essence Recordings” with a catalogue number of T0C51-N84NG. It was a digital only release.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Cold War Resorts
  2. Access Codes
  3. Cold War Resorts (12″ Version)

It was recorded at AKP Labs, York and produced by Alexander King.

All songs are written and performed by Alexander King, published through Maori Music.

The cover image is a painting by Alexander King.

How to purchase the single

Digital Outlets

The album is available on all major streaming services, but bear in mind only a fraction of the price you pay gets to us.

If you want to buy the album in digital format, and have all the money go directly to us, with the benefit of the option of FLAC or other lossless formats, please use our BandCamp page.