Alexander King

My name is Alexander King. I’m a musician from York, UK. In 2008 I inherited the key to a storage room from a friend of my family, containing suitcases of old books, papers and manuscripts among the broken furniture and general detritus. It took some time before I found the time to start sifting through the contents of the room.

It was mostly mould-ruined classic books, some ancient accountancy, nothing of particular import, but hidden within the dust jacket of a Bronte novel was a tightly folded account, written in spindly handwriting, of a small boy’s obsession. Obviously not written in his own hand, it told of a huge machine that was designed to somehow transmit art and music through time.

It read like a tantalising work of fiction, but why was it hidden? Did this boy actually ever exist and if so who was writing about him? The idea of music being transmitted back and forth through time like a radio signal is plainly fantasy, but as I read more about the machine’s chosen recipients for it’s work, my own music started changing.

Could it be transmitting to me?

I started a long and painstaking process, calling and visiting old bookstores, searching the net, picking apart the contents of the storage room for any further clues, and decided to share each fragment of information on this website, hoping that someone else might happen upon it and help fill in the blanks.

If you have any information regarding Anthony Philip Glass or his experiments, please contact me.